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Craigs Remodeling and Repair has been installing products from Lowe's for 9 years.  Click logo below to visit Lowe's web site.


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Storm Damage

This home was restored after serious storm damage from a falling tree.


Doors and Windows

We specialize in installing doors and windows.  This project featured a new arch door and trim.


Repair Structural Damage

This home had severe structural damage to the floor system.  We were able to repair the damage and restore structural integrity to the home.


Kitchen Remodeling

This kitchen project was part of a major addition.  It featured wood flooring, cabinets, new appliances and granite counter tops.



Home additions provide new living space and good resale value. 


Garden Window Installation

Outside and inside before installation            Installation in process

Finished installation inside and outside views


Laundry Room

This laundry room has the basics but lacks functionality.  We added

counter space, storage and even a place to wash the family pet.

Here is the opposite wall of the laundry room, a perfect place to store

supplies and fold clothes when they are done.